A. If you are in a dispute with another user of POWThat!, we encourage you to resolve the issue between yourselves. Complaints about a specific seller or item must be directed to the seller concerned using the contact details provided within the order confirmation email received.

B. We may, for the benefit of users, try to help users resolve disputes, at their request. We do so in our absolute discretion, and you acknowledge that we have no obligation to resolve disputes between users or between users and third parties. To the extent we are asked to assist in resolving any dispute between a buyer and a seller, our determination and decision and enaction on method of resolution (e.g. by refund or otherwise) in respect of that dispute is agreed by you to be final and binding but without any liability to POWThat! and without limiting your rights under any applicable law and you authorise us to effect any method resolution on your behalf.

I have an issue with my purchase, what can I do?

1. If you are not happy with your purchase and feel it was not what was advertised in the first instance you must contact the seller.

2. If you are unable to reach the seller or are not hearing anything in return or are dissatisfied with the resolution you can contact POWThat! to escalate the case

2.a. You can use in the Customer Service section on our website or email us: support@powthat.com

2.a.a You should include as much information as possible about your dispute. The more information you are able to provide will lead to a quicker resolve.

3. A member of the POWThat! team will be in contact with you within 3 working days (this does not include Weekends and Public Holidays)

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