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Powers Of X #4 of 6 (3rd Printing Shalvey Variant)


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series name Powers of X
issue number 4
publication date November 2019
indicia publisher Marvel Worldwide, Inc.
parent publisher Marvel
color Color
dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
binding Saddle-stitched
page count 44.000
issue count 6
publishing format Limited Series
publication type magazine
story Powers of X #6
story House of X #6
story Doctor Doom #1
story Future Fight Firsts
story X-Men #1
story Contagion
story Star Wars Allegiance
story Stan’s Soapbox – July 1967
story Reading Order
story Current Krakoan Systems
story The Red Diamond
story Something Sinister
pencils R. B. Silva
pencils Pepe Larraz
pencils various
pencils Leinil Francis Yu
pencils Phil Noto
pencils R. B. Silva (signed, credited)
inks R. B. Silva
inks Pepe Larraz
inks various
inks Leinil Francis Yu
inks R. B. Silva (signed, credited)
colors Marte Gracia
colors various
colors Sunny Gho
colors Marte Gracia (signed, credited)
letters typeset
letters typeset
letters ? (Krakoan font)
letters Clayton Cowles
letters Virtual Calligraphy
characters Moira McTaggert
characters Storm
characters Ororo Munroe
characters White Queen
characters Emma Frost
characters Doctor Doom
characters White Fox
characters Luna Fox
characters Crescent
characters IO
characters Rachel Grey
characters Wolverine
characters Logan
characters Cyclops
characters Scott Summers
characters Jean Grey
characters Havok
characters Alex Summers
characters Cable
characters Nathan Summers
characters Vulcan
characters Gabriel Summers
characters Corsair
characters Christopher Summers
characters The Thing
characters Benajamin Grimm
characters Iron Fist
characters Danny Rand
characters Luke Cage
characters Jessica Jones
characters Pei
characters Moon Knight
characters Spider-Man
characters Captain America
characters Captain Marvel
characters Doctor Strange
characters Thor
characters Hulk
characters Mister Sinister
characters Nathaniel Essex
characters Apocalypse
characters Professor X
characters Charles Xavier
characters Magneto
characters Eric Lehnsherr
characters Cypher
characters Doug Ramsey
characters Phalanx
characters Elder
characters Librarian
characters Rasputin
characters Stepford Cuckoos
characters Beast
characters Hank McCoy
characters Archangel
characters Warren Worthington III
characters Sabretooth
characters Victor Creed
characters Nightcrawler
characters Kurt Wagner
genre superhero
genre science fiction


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  • Specification: Powers Of X #4 of 6 (3rd Printing Shalvey Variant)*Click here to view

    Series Name

    Publishing Format

    Limited Series


    science fiction, Superhero


    Alex Summers, Apocalypse, Archangel, Beast, Benajamin Grimm, Cable, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Charles Xavier, Christopher Summers, Corsair, Crescent, Cyclops, Cypher, Danny Rand, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Doug Ramsey, Elder, Emma Frost, Eric Lehnsherr, Gabriel Summers, Hank McCoy, Havok, Hulk, IO, Iron Fist, Jean Grey, Jessica Jones, Kurt Wagner, Librarian, Logan, Luke Cage, Luna Fox, Magneto, Mister Sinister, Moira McTaggert, Moon Knight, Nathan Summers, Nathaniel Essex, Nightcrawler, Ororo Munroe, Pei, Phalanx, Professor X, Rachel Grey, Rasputin, Sabretooth, Scott Summers, Spider-Man, Stepford Cuckoos, Storm, The Thing, Thor, Victor Creed, Vulcan, Warren Worthington III, White Fox, White Queen, Wolverine

    Artist (letters)

    ? (Krakoan font), Clayton Cowles, typeset, Virtual Calligraphy

    Artist (colors)

    Marte Gracia, Marte Gracia (signed, credited), Sunny Gho, various

    Artist (inks)

    Leinil Francis Yu, Pepe Larraz, R. B. Silva, R. B. Silva (signed, credited), various

    Artist (pencils)

    Leinil Francis Yu, Pepe Larraz, Phil Noto, R. B. Silva, R. B. Silva (signed, credited), various


    Contagion, Current Krakoan Systems, Doctor Doom #1, Future Fight Firsts, House of X #6, Powers of X #6, Reading Order, Something Sinister, Stan's Soapbox – July 1967, Star Wars Allegiance, The Red Diamond, X-Men #1

    Publication Type


    Number of Issues in Series


    Issue Number


    Page Count





    Standard Modern Age U.S.



    Parent Publisher

    Indicia Publisher

    Marvel Worldwide, Inc.

    Publication Date

Photos: Powers Of X #4 of 6 (3rd Printing Shalvey Variant)

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Powers Of X #4 of 6 (3rd Printing Shalvey Variant)
Powers Of X #4 of 6 (3rd Printing Shalvey Variant)


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