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War Of The Realms #2 of 6 (2nd Printing Ferreyra Variant)


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series name War of the Realms
issue number 2
variant Arthur Adams
publication date June 2019
indicia publisher Marvel Worldwide, Inc.
parent publisher Marvel
color color
dimensions standard Modern Age U.S.
binding saddle-stitched
page count 44.000
issue count 6
publishing format limited series
publication type magazine
story The Art of the War of the Realms
story Connecting Covers
story Designs of the Realm!
story Next, in Two Weeks: “The Quest for Thor”
story The War of the Realms Chapter Two: The Midgard Massacre
story Stan’s Soapbox – October 1967
story Title and Credits
story Previously…
story The War of the Realms Act 1: The World at War
story The War of the Realms International Variants!
pencils ? (photograph)
inks ? (photograph)
colors ? (photograph)
letters typeset
characters Thor
characters Thor Odinson
characters Beta Ray Bill
characters Jane Foster
characters She-Hulk
characters Jennifer Walters
characters Minotaur
characters Dario Agger
characters Odin
characters Daredevil
characters Matt Murdock
characters Huginn
characters Muninn
characters Queen of Heven
characters Angela
characters Laufey
characters Loki
characters Warrior Angel
characters Valkyrie
characters Freyja
characters Frost Giants
characters Wolverine
characters Logan
characters Iron Fist
characters Danny Rand
characters Captain America
characters Steve Rogers
characters Luke Cage
characters Spider-Man
characters Peter Parker
characters Bats
characters Punisher
characters Frank Castle
characters Dark Elves
characters Avengers
characters Iron Man
characters Tony Stark
characters Black Panther
characters T’Challa
characters Ghost Rider
characters Robbie Reyes
characters Eli Morrow
characters Captain Marvel
characters Carol Danvers
characters Blade
characters Eric Brooks
characters Sif
characters Hildegarde
characters Goblins
characters Dark Council
characters also as Minotaur
characters Kurse
characters Waziria
characters Malekith
characters Sindr
characters Ulik
characters The Enchantress
characters Amora
characters Doctor Strange
characters Stephen Strange
characters Rock Trolls
characters Sleipnir
characters Valkyrior
characters Brunnhilde
characters Aragorn
characters Thori
characters War Witches
characters War Angels
characters Swamp Mammoths
characters Fire Demons
characters Zelma Stanton
characters Aleister
characters Anton
characters Wild Hunt
characters Muspelheim’s Fireflies
characters Asgardians
characters Stan Lee
characters Mountain Trolls
characters Ryan Penagos
characters Jason Aaron
genre fantasy
genre superhero


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  • Specification: War Of The Realms #2 of 6 (2nd Printing Ferreyra Variant)*Click here to view

    Series Name

    Publishing Format

    Limited Series


    fantasy, Superhero


    Aleister, also as Minotaur, Amora, Angela, Anton, Aragorn, Asgardians, Avengers, Bats, Beta Ray Bill, Black Panther, Blade, Brunnhilde, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Danny Rand, Daredevil, Dario Agger, Dark Council, Dark Elves, Doctor Strange, Eli Morrow, Eric Brooks, Fire Demons, Frank Castle, Freyja, Frost Giants, Ghost Rider, Goblins, Hildegarde, Huginn, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jane Foster, Jason Aaron, Jennifer Walters, Kurse, Laufey, Logan, Loki, Luke Cage, Malekith, Matt Murdock, Minotaur, Mountain Trolls, Muninn, Muspelheim's Fireflies, Odin, Peter Parker, Punisher, Queen of Heven, Robbie Reyes, Rock Trolls, Ryan Penagos, She-Hulk, Sif, Sindr, Sleipnir, Spider-Man, Stan Lee, Stephen Strange, Steve Rogers, Swamp Mammoths, T'Challa, The Enchantress, Thor, Thor Odinson, Thori, Tony Stark, Ulik, Valkyrie, Valkyrior, War Angels, War Witches, Warrior Angel, Waziria, Wild Hunt, Wolverine, Zelma Stanton

    Artist (letters)


    Artist (colors)

    ? (photograph)

    Artist (inks)

    ? (photograph)

    Artist (pencils)

    ? (photograph)


    Connecting Covers, Designs of the Realm!, Next, in Two Weeks: "The Quest for Thor", Previously, Stan's Soapbox – October 1967, The Art of the War of the Realms, The War of the Realms Act 1: The World at War, The War of the Realms Chapter Two: The Midgard Massacre, The War of the Realms International Variants!, Title and Credits

    Publication Type


    Number of Issues in Series


    Issue Number


    Page Count





    Standard Modern Age U.S.



    Parent Publisher

    Indicia Publisher

    Marvel Worldwide, Inc.

    Publication Date


    Arthur Adams

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War Of The Realms #2 of 6 (2nd Printing Ferreyra Variant)
War Of The Realms #2 of 6 (2nd Printing Ferreyra Variant)


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