you dont need to hide your money in the fortress of solitude


POWThat! is here to support you from the moment you buy a comic through to any potential issues.

1.a. Verified Sellers

Every commercial seller on POWThat! has their identity thoroughly reviewed during the registration process, including their company registration details. Customer feedback and seller ratings are important to help you feel confident when dealing with a seller.

1.b. Keeping your money safe

Feel confident with Secure and Trusted Payments.

Your money is held by our payments provider, where it is kept safe until you have received your purchase.  Only then is the money released to the seller.

1.c. Helping resolve problems

Your purchase is between you and the seller and is subject to the seller’s terms and conditions, but in the rare case that something doesn’t go as planned, POWThat! is here to help.  We’ll try to help you find a satisfactory solution together with the seller.

1.d. Easy Returns

If the item isn’t delivered or doesn’t match the description given by the seller, you can receive a refund. Once you’ve cancelled the order and returned the item you will receive your money back.

Your purchase is between you and the seller and is subject to the seller’s terms and conditions.  You should look into the seller’s return policy before making a purchase. It is in your best interest to fully insure and track the return shipment and to comply with the return deadline. We recommend reaching out to the seller to discuss the process before returning the item.

Yes!  Our payments provider is a leading online payments processor which keeps your payments and transactions safe thanks to multiple anti-fraud and money laundering prevention tools.  Your money is held by our payments processor and will not be sent to a seller until you have received the goods you have paid for.

Once you have successfully purchased an item on POWThat!, using our secure payment service provider your funds will be held safely. The seller will be notified and will arrange for your item(s) to be shipped. Once you have received the item and are satisfied with your purchase you must notify us and the funds in protection will be released to the seller. You have a limited time in which to approve the item 14 Days after which point the funds will automatically be released to the seller.

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